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Each day, for 365 days, I will send you an email to bring you some spark and light up your day.

It might be a story, a video, a photo (or more photos), it might be a silly story or an insightful one.
I promise I won't send you depressing stuff and will try very hard to keep it light and sparkly, but the occasional serious subject might occur.
I believe inspiration hides in the most unusual places.
Sometimes you just need a nudge towards an uncharted territory to start a chain reaction and who knows where that will bring you?

The Daily Spark CLUB is a journey and we are in this together, to discover more about inspiration, ourselves and the creative world. Can I find 365 inspiration-worthy contents? Can you go along with me and maybe help me out?

I know, it may sound scary, too much commitment, right? But it doesn't need to be, it might exciting. Also, you can opt out anytime ;)

Every content will be curated by me with the aim to make your mind wander: if you are super focused on your career and have a busy life you might lack the time to look for the wonders that fill this world.
Don't you worry, I will find them for you, so you can have a pause, even for five minutes, and feel refreshed, inspired, moved, amused.

Then you can go on with your day and - hopefully - have caught on even the littlest of sparks to help you with your creativity.

This newsletter is thought for creative people that need to feed their minds with weirdness, wonders and amazing stories in order to switch on their creativity muscles.

If you don't consider yourself a creative person (even I am sure you are, in your own way!) you may want to subscribe as well. I hope you will join the club and enjoy the content anyway.

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Tell me a story. In this century, and moment, of mania, Tell me a story. Make it a story of great distances, and starlight. The name of the story will be Time, But you must not pronounce its name. Tell me a story of deep delight.

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